DIY display board

Memo display boards are very applicable and functional pieces in home décor. Between writing out important reminders and displaying memorable pictures for our own enjoyment, memo display boards are informative just as they are a decorative item for our home. There are so many different types of memo display boards out there so instead of […]

DIY flag garland

  You can use flag garlands to decorate any room of your house. These garlands can help you plan a great surprise birthday party. You can even use them to embellish your home on special events like Christmas or New Years. You can follow these easy steps to make simple or fancy flag garlands. Here […]

DIY lampshade

  Ever throw a kegger and wonder what to do with all your left over party cups that are still in good condition? If you care about the planet, then you’ll most likely scheme out a crafty plan to put these reusable cups into use. But if not, why not create a one-of-a-kind, spherical cup […]

Fun craft ideas for glass test tubes

  Often relegating to the domain of science, test tubes have several other uses, especially for the DIY’er and recycle-minded. But what can I use old test tubes for? If it’s Halloween you can use them for a fun type of shot glass to serve crazy concoctions on a black wood tray, but Dec. 14th […]

DIY dry erase board

Gone are the days of the chalkboard and tear-away poster sheets. Today dry erase boards permeate society and can be found everywhere from the classroom to corporate America and even at home. But with options like the easy chart dry erase sheet ranging in the $100 plus price range, large dry erase boards are typically […]